Trouble with Our Web Hosting Continues

Kaweah Confluence was down or partially so for the third time but the website is secure.

Internet Server

Yesterday our web host had problems that have since cleared up however some readers may have experienced a security warning. All hosts have issues from time to time but this is the third time in several weeks so we may have to move the news website and the community website.

In the meantime there is nothing insecure about the websites and there is no malicious code to infect your device. The security warnings are posted by web browsers and are very misleading. To be clear, when you see a web address that begins with https, with the S for secure, it means that there is a digital certificate which is alleged to vouch for the security of the site. And yesterday our issues, in part, lost the location of the certificate and browsers couldn’t see it.

With the https connection any data shared between the user and the website is encrypted, making it more difficult for a third party to read the data if intercepted. But this has nothing to do with the website itself. Most of the scam websites that set tracking cookies and trick users with JavaScript popups to download malicious code do have the encrypted, https connection, which does not prevent their bad actions. There are no security tests run when one purchases an https certificate and quite frankly it’s a racket with the browser companies in collusion, but that’s the reality of publishing a website.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope that you remember that we, Greg Sweet and any help who may be employed, are your neighbors that you see in town and we are not trying to scam anyone. We are simply trying to build a valuable service.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.