Leveling Up

Lake Kaweah is filling and the boat ramps are busy.

Kaweah Boat Launch

Terminus Dam water storage is nearly 86,000 acre feet as of April, 27 and the level of Lake Kaweah is rising. The boat launch at Slick Rock may not yet be in use but water has reached the upper ramp at Kaweah Recreation Area, or “the middle launch” as it is often called.

This facility has two boat ramps yet only one is used at a time. When the lake level is low a ramp and parking lot constructed at a lower elevation, more distant from the facility’s entrance, is used. As this parking lot nears becoming submerged, water is fed up a channel to the bottom of the upper ramp so that access to the lower ramp may be closed without interruption in boat launch service.

When that lake is at or near capacity the upper ramp, parking lot, even the picnic and restroom facilities become submerged.