It’s a Gas!

Gasser hot rod spotted at River View Bar & Grill.

Gasser at The Riverview

This 1955 Chevy 210 was spotted at River View Bar & Grill for the car show they hosted. This type of car is called a Gasser and is identified by its raised front end and straight front axle, as opposed to independent suspension. This specimen is a classic example of 1960’s drag race cars, which were relatively affordable to build and compete.

The Gasser name comes from the class of drag racing called A/Gas established by the National Hot Rod Association. This car even has A/Gas hand-painted on its side, although the stance of the vehicle is a clear and obvious indication of the class it might race in.

Gassers use a solid, or “straight”, front axle to save weight and the nose of the car is lifted to help the transfer of weight to the rear wheels when the car leaves the starting line.

Looks like a Creamcicle, doesn’t it?