CalTrans Conducts Roadside Maintenance in Three Rivers

Expect brief delays as you travel through Three Rivers and be prepared to stop.

CalTrans Work on 198 in Three Rivers

Travelers and drivers are subject to brief road closures along Sierra Drive, California State Highway 198, as traffic is controlled through one-lane passages. CalTrans, the agency in charge of maintaining California state roads and highways, is performing scheduled maintenance in Three Rivers.

The work is primarily concerned with the removal of vegetation and minor culvert repair. Fire hazards are being reduced where vehicles may stop at the side of the road and overhanging tree limbs are being trimmed. Although the project is listed as a major project on official websites, there is no work being done to the surface of the road so the equipment being used is relatively light, not staying in one place for long. One section of the highway is closed to one lane as crews work then full access is restored in that section as crews move to the next section of work.

Crews have entered sections of Sierra Drive where turns are tight and sharp so please heed the warning signs, drive at a safe speed and be prepared for stopped traffic hidden around a bend in the road.

Three Rivers SB 1 Project Map screenshotAs indicated by temporary road signs erected by CalTrans, this project is being funded by Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. According to the SB 1 projects map the project in Three Rivers is being conducted under the State Highway Operation and Protection Program,which is described as “a ‘fix-it-first’ program that emphasizes repair and preservation, emergency repairs, safety improvements, and operational improvements.”

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