Breaking Wind

Orange, fire-follower poppies are in bloom near burn areas.

Wind Poppy

Wind poppies, Papaver heterophyllum, are blooming along upper North Fork Drive, past the end of pavement. They are mixed with many other wildflowers but because the populations are sporadic, and because of their bright color, they do stand out in the crowd.

It is known that wind poppies are a “fire follower” species, that their seeds are cued to germinate by fire, and simply by smoke. These poppies may bloom in this area regularly but it is interesting to note that the group in today’s photos are located very close to where the 2021 KNP Complex fire came down to the road. Perhaps thick smoke is responsible for such an abundant display.

The Calflora entry for wind poppy is at

Bonus Photo

Wind farm…

Wind Poppies