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We are accepting advertisements at this early stage of the website’s publication however you need to know that if you run an ad now it will be an investment in long term exposure via this venue and not necessarily yield sales in the immediate future.

We hope you read the entirety of this page but if you want to cut to the chase, scroll down to read the pricing and analytics sections.

This page does not apply to classified ads. This preamble will be edited or removed in the near future.

Strategy & Assurances

One of our core concerns with publishing this website and keeping it active is the general well-being of Three Rivers and bolstering the livelihoods of our neighbors. Thus we will only accept advertising that agrees with these concerns.

Types Of Advertisement Accepted

This means that we want advertisements for local businesses, services, events, fundraisers, etc., or for any of these that may directly serve or benefit the residents of Three Rivers and environs.

All advertisement on this website shall be of a first-hand nature. We will not embed ads from an outside service. Not only are these services nefarious in their tracking of website users and covert distribution of personal details, the presence of broadly served ads on this website would distract and detract from those local concerns we wish to help.

You can rest assured that your only competition for our readers’ attention will be of the friendly, neighborly variety.

What Is Local?

Advertisers must be located in or directly serve the following areas:

  • Three Rivers proper and the areas generally included under the Three Rivers banner, such as Kaweah, Advance, Hammond, Cinnamon Creek, etc.
  • The Sequoia portion of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park
    • Private in-holdings within the this portion of the park
    • Concessioners within the this portion of the park
  • Lemon Cove & Lindcove
  • Woodlake & Elderwood
  • Exeter & Exeter Post Office
  • Lower Dry Creek, possibly Badger
  • Essentially, northeastern Tulare County

We will individually consider advertisers from the western half of Tulare county in terms of what the bring to the local table, and we may ask for input from local advertisers.

Long-Term Campaigns

In keeping with our aforementioned goal of promoting the health of the community, we will be featuring a section of this website that takes a deep dive into local commerce with a profile page for each of our top supporters. Additionally, each profile in the business section would be promoted in a “Spotlight on Business” feature in the primary news feed. These spotlight articles will be listed and searchable under there own category, and shall not carry a publication date so as to appear evergreen.

Much of the website code is already written for business profiles and in place behind the scenes. That which has yet to be explored is how such a partnership would work in a way that’s fair and beneficial to both parties.

We are thinking that a business profile may stay public as long as a recurring ad budget is maintained, and perhaps a one-time buy-in for for permanency of the profile, provided the business does not violate any reasonable terms we may establish. This section will be updated as ideas are solidified.

Artwork, Photography, & Copy

Paying for ad space on a website is simple, if not easy. But creating an attractive ad can be difficult, complicated, and time consuming. We can help in this regard, whether employing your existing graphics or creating new, original artwork to fulfill your needs. And we can come to your place of business or the places you have served to photograph that which you want to display to viewers.

Maybe you need some help getting your ideas put into the right words. We are happy to assist you with copy writing as well.

Traffic & Analytics

That big wiki site describes web analytics as “…the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data to understand and optimize web usage.”

We use a self-hosted instance of an alternative to Google analytics called Matomo. This software provides all of the same important statistics that does Google but in a private, decentralized manner. We can share these general statistics with you, the advertiser, and still respect the privacy of our readers. Perhaps this will help in your decision to support Kaweah Confluence and to what degree. We offer an optional newsletter to keep you up to date on the activity of this website.

The Kaweah Confluence website is too new to have gathered much data so at this time we have nothing to share.

Price, Placement, & Plans

March, 2022 is the beginning of our venture into the business of website advertising so quite frankly we going in blindly, and we do not have any set prices to offer. Nor do we have any analytics or traffic data to demonstrate the value of advertising with us. In these early days we can simply discuss in a neighborly fashion a campaign that will satisfy you.

By advertising early you support the longevity of a proper news website in Three Rivers and help with the hiring of new staff that can diversify website content that we get as much attention as possible on your business.

Advertising for a fixed period is always available, provided the ad space is also available. Under consideration are priority tiered plans which guarantee you placement, payments for which recur monthly.

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