About Kaweah Confluence

Kaweah Confluence is a news & community website for Three Rivers, California and its neighboring communities.

A Bit of History

Three Rivers has had several news outlets over the course of its history. Most recently, prior to Kaweah Confluence, the Kaweah Commonwealth operated here in town by John Elliott and Sarah Barton Elliott as a newspaper starting March, 1995. Upon publishing the last issue as a newspaper in April, 2019, the Kaweah Commonwealth changed its name to Three Rivers News and continued operation from April, 2019 through January, 2021 as a news website.

Picking Up The Pieces

When publication of the Three Rivers News website was terminated there was no other formal source of local news. Dissemination of information occurred on centralized social media platforms, including information regarding the 2021 KNP Complex wildfire. These platforms may have their place but they are not a reliable source of static news and information.

Enter the Kaweah Confluence website. We make no promise to publish this website for many years, but we will give it a try.

More Than A Journal

While the reporting of local news is an important and worthwhile occupation, it is entirely possible for a website, especially in a small town, to also support local commerce, provide resources for visitors, and foster neighborly communication. It is the mission of Kaweah Confluence to promote the general livelihood of Three Rivers as well as distribute valuable information.

Behind The Press

The business of this website operates as a sole proprietorship by Three Rivers resident Greg Sweet, under the fictitious business name Kaweah Confluence filed with Tulare County, California and awaiting formalization as of this writing on March, 6, 2022.

At this time there are no permanent employees of Kaweah Confluence. Guest authors are encouraged to publish under their common name and include a brief biographical summary.

Under The Hood

The proprietor of Kaweah Confluence also operates a small website design & development agency. It is he who built this website and the associated community website.