Community Standards

The preponderant principle of this forum is the natural right of free speech. While we recognize the rights of the big social sites to create and sell the kind of forums they like, we also recognize their various censorship and “pay-to-play” agendas. The only agenda here is communication.

That said, with the liberty to speak one’s mind comes the responsibility to respect the rights of others. To respect the rights of others is not the same as respecting the opinions of others, so we do not hold the latter as a standard. We now that folks disagree and that the Kaweah community is diverse. However it is in our best interest to be civil to one another. Not just our collective interest but our personal interest.

Attempt to be polite. Treat one another here as you would face to face, speaking over the proverbial pickle barrel. Or speaking over an actual pickle barrel, if that is your fortunate position.

The administrator of this website, Alta Peak, keeps a watchful eye on the community. But like the admin’s namesake, Alta is rather stoic. Alta will enforce community standards when absolutely necessary but will do so without agenda or emotion.