Sponsor the Community

Long view of Kaweah Country - lake in foreground, hills mid-ground, Hig Sierra in the background.

Being that this website is new, we are not actively seeking advertisers; we have no substantial analytics to provide for assessing the value of an ad. However,  if you see potential for audience growth and/or would like to support the efforts of keeping the Kaweah Confluence community operating smoothly, then please use the following form to make contact.

Ads may be visible to members, to visitors, or to both. Locations may include, in order of prominence:

  • At the top of every page
  • In the sidebar
  • Below page content
  • In the footer

We will respectfully decline any requests for popup or overlay advertising.

The hosting of this website is donated by it’s founding administrator, Alta Peak. Sponsorship revenue goes to pay for the technical support in keeping software secure and up to date, fixing bugs, and implementing new features.

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