About Kaweah Confluence

Kaweah Confluence is an off-the-grid social site for the town of Three Rivers, California and environs. Being off the grid in this case means no reliance on the big social sites that regulate the content that folks can read and view, and censor content that does not fit with various agendas of the corporations.

We encourage you to read the community standards before getting involved and we hope that you find this website to be a place for honest yet civil discussion.

The Technical Details

The Kaweah Confluence is maintained by administrator Alta Peak as a gift to the People of Three Rivers. The website design & development was performed by the Three Rivers agency Controlled Chaos Design. It runs on a platform called WordPress with the addition of discussion forum software called bbPress and social groups software called BuddyPress. The domain name is registered with GoDaddy, who also supplies the server hosting.

This website does employ cookies that are inherent to WordPress, but they are only to discern whether or not a user is logged in from the current computer/device. There are no other cookies here, and any third party advertising is visual only, no tracking cookies, though links may be of a nature that gives credit to Kaweah Confluence for sending the visitor.

The Colors of Kaweah Confluence