Confluence: [kon-floo-uh ns]

  1. a flowing together of two or more streams, rivers, or the like.
  2. a coming together of people or things; concourse, meeting place.

Kaweah Confluence is a free, “off-the-grid”, members-only social site for the town of Three Rivers, California and environs; Kaweah, Hammond, Sequoia NP, Mineral King, Lemon Cove… Built by locals for locals. No corporate ownership, no content manipulation, no agendas.

As a visitor you will not be able to view the forums, groups, or member activity. However community resources, classified ads and community watch reports are available to you.

Discussion Forums

Kaweah Confluence forums are a place to discuss subjects with broad appeal. There are more than a dozen categorized, members-only forums with an unlimited number of topics you can bring up for discussion.

Starting a forum topic is comparable to posting in your Facebook feed, with the ability of members to reply in nested discussion threads. The difference here is that the topics are easy to find, and never hidden by censorship agendas or paid content.

Forums are hidden from non-members.

User Groups

Kaweah Confluence groups are a place to post content of specific interest. They are comparable to Facebook groups, plus each group can assign itself a discussion forum. Members can create three types of groups:

  • Public groups that all members can see and all members can join.
  • Private groups that all members can see but must request to join.
  • Hidden groups that only members that have been invited can see and join.

All three types of group are hidden from non-members.

Friends & Invites

Kaweah Confluence members can connect with one another in Facebook style friendships. Members can see the activity of their friends and send messages between friends. Members that are an administrator of a group can invite their friends to join that group.

A list of your friends provides quick links to profiles and a list of your friends that are currently online is available for starting conversations or sending a short note.

Members can invite others by email to join Kaweah Confluence, making it easy to grow the community.

Private Messages

Kaweah Confluence members can send private messages to one another and to multiple users at once. Messages are archived by conversation, and comments within messages can be marked (starred) for filtering and future reference.

Members are notified of new messages by email and in the notifications section of their profile.

Classified Ads

Kaweah Confluence offers free classified ads for members. Only members can post ads but visitor can read and respond to ads.

  • Browse ads by category
  • Search ads by category, price and user
  • Attach up to 12 images

Community Watch

Kaweah Confluence offers community a watch notification system that is public for anyone to read. Users must be registered as a member to post reports but do not need to participate in the forums.

  • Security & property protection
  • Fire activity & prevention
  • Severe weather & traffic
  • Lost & found pets

Membership is Absolutely Free!

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